Jewellery RPT in Mumbai


Enter our Third Dimension with Bliss
and Artistry


3Dwalla empowers manufacturers, designers, students and hobbyists to turn powerful ideas into successful products by use of advanced 3D printing technology. Print beyond paper and compete in a dynamically changing world as 3Dwalla offers rapid prototyping services that help accelerate innovation and product development.

Rapid prototyping directly from CAD data streamlines the process of performance testing, at every stage of 3D model design in a manner that is both, cost and time effective.With vast experience in modeling and prototyping, our team of talented designers gives your concepts a strong aesthetic appeal. Shape your concepts by printing in ABS, PLA, castable resin and nylon. Sandstone full colour 3D printing, Architecture model making services and Jewellery RPT are our other specialties.

3Dwalla also houses a wide collection of innovatively designed 3D printed products created by the team, for you can now design your home according to your individual taste or decorate your work desk with 3D figurines, 3D Mini-me, Bobble head, 3D selfie and explore the limitless possibilities in 3D printing. This is your turn to witness and be a part of the 3D printing revolution!