The best gifts are the ones that are unique and aren’t easily available. With the advent of 3D printing technology, you can turn any idea in to a 3D design and consequently create a product with out the hassles of a mold or a die very quickly. With no minimum order quantity requirement, you can broaden the scope of your creativity in gifting. Equipped with a team of experienced designers and a host of technologies like 3D printing/ injection molding and fiber molding, think3D is the perfect partner for quantities from 1 to 10000, in a variety of materials.

Custom 3D Printed Mementos

Fed up with run of the mill mementos available in the market? Do you think your brand/ company is unique and needs to be given great emphasis. You can create custom trophies with the choice of materials and branding options with 3D printing, the latest technology on the block.

Custom Trophies / souvenirs

Looking for creating a long lasting memory? 3D Printing gives you limit less creativity and freedom in creating the best trophy souvenir for your occasion. 3D Printing also allows for creating first prototypes before going for batch/ mass manufacturing.

Corporate branded gifts

Striving to create an impact at your brand launch event? Looking for a fantastic gift to be given on the occasion of annual day? Corporate branding is a key consideration while planning for gifts and you cannot compromise with the available stuff in the market. Go for made to order process with 3D printing, which can create from small to large quantities of gifts.

Unique Employee Awards

Every one of us love being recognized for the efforts we put in. You can double this happiness of your employees by creating custom gifts to mark the occasion and contribution. Do not worry about the constraints and focus on the impact you want to create. 3D Printing technology and think3D team can take care of the rest.

Personalized 3D Printed Gifts

Searching hard to give the best parting gift to your boss or a personalized gift to your colleague? Looking for a way to build a great relationship with a prospective client? 3D Printing has the perfect solution for you, and we can help you channelize your thoughts in to a virtual design and give life to it. Personalize it with the local monument/ name or a custom message creatively incorporated in to the design.

Product showcase

Showcase your marquee product or the company message to the world with the help of 3D printing. It can be your company head quarters scale model or an over sized product for press conference. We can help you with the perfect solution for effective communication and branding.