Industrial design is creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the usability and aesthetics of products and services. Such improvisation benefits users, the industry and the society. 3Dwalla’s industrial design services help improve product function and appeal in order to satisfy customer needs. Our team plays a vital role in product development to ensure the connection between a product and its end user. It is through technical drawings, concept and final renderings, mock-ups, models and prototypes that we at 3Dwalla create new products, systems, services or develop the existing ones. Thus our expert industrial design services result in high volume manufacturing and bring business success.

IDEA SKETCH : Employed at a personal level to quickly externalize thoughts using simple line-work.

PRESCRIPTIVE SKETCH : Informal sketch for the exploration of technical details such as mechanisms, manufacturing, materials and dimensions.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT MODEL : Simple mock-up used to explore and visualize the relationships between components, interfaces, and structures. Usually produced using CAD.

FUNCTIONAL MODEL : Captures the key functional features and underlying operating principles. Has limited or no association with the product's final appearance.

PRE-PRODUCTION PROTOTYPE : Final prototype produced using production components. Manufactures in small volumes for testing prior to full scale production.