How can our Inspection Services help out your project?

3D Scanning: The process of capturing physical objects into precise digital computer aided (CAD) model, and for your object's geometries. This process will enable you a complete digital representation of your part to be used for your reverse engineering efforts, quality inspection or at any point of a typical manufacturing cycle.

Part-to-CAD Inspection Services

Have your CAD files and 3D printed prototypes compared by our 3D Engineering Team for cost-effective production. Our 3D engineering team will 3D scan your prototypes and will compare them to your existing CAD files to make sure they accurate and ready for mass production.

Dimensioning and Tolerancing Services

After the team records the probing data, they will create an inspection report, which define and convey engineered tolerancing. For a Dimensioning and Tolerancing Report our Engineers use 3D laser scanners and probing devices to create 3D Models that explicitly describe nominal geometry and its allowable variation. Prior to mass producing your prototype the Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing report tells the engineering staff how accurate and precise the parts of your 3D Models need to be and define allowable variation of its features.

3D Laser Scanning - Inspection Services will enable you to:

  • Capture Data Rapidly
  • Shorten Manufacturing and Production Cycles
  • Increase Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Change Real Shop Floor Production