From mere mechanics to pacing/racing engineers with 3Dwalla

Do you love the smell of adrenaline? Do you live to breathe that very same energy that sports motors do? Hyperion Racing dealt with the very same feeling not a while back! In the pure enigma to startle their competition, they have been working resiliently along with team of 3Dwalla to create the perfect modules for their race car. 3Dwalla overtly took it as their own and spread their love providing a rapid-prototyped, air intake manifold for the HRT-02 created
by the Pillai Boys. Prepping for the Formula Student India 2016, the boys decided to work towards creating the perfect automobile parts for the best functioning. Everyone knows why we require air to breathe, right? Let’s say even automobile engines need a certain level of air for which 3Dwalla aided the young speedsters in creating the smoothest 3D printed products. Similar to the nose of a person, the air intake system deployed on the engine
by 3Dwalla, works to deliver only the required amount of air at certain times, and varied RPM’s
at all times for the proper ignition of the engine.
The rush, the feeling of complete and absolute speed that pushes you faster than you’d ever imagine. That is what the team at Hyperion Racing along with 3Dwalla wished to fulfill. Careful creation of this air intake system is the reason why 3Dwalla are also Hyperion Racing’s platinum sponsors. Completely taking the sport to a new level altogether, with the FSI in 2016,
3Dwalla has also helped another team with selling the 3D printed systems of precision to them. Race cars in common have a peculiar contour that differentiates it from any road car on the planet. This shape might be dissimilar in each one of the wide range of motorsport categories around the world, but some aspects are still present, regardless of the countless categories. Have you ever wondered why? If you look back at the dawning of road racing and compare the race cars of the time with the representatives of each decade from then to now, you’re going to see a range of different shapes and parts, but a single aspect will be common to all of them: the shapes concerned with aerodynamics and the amount of air intake a car can unload. Race cars require that special edge which is not perceived in normal cars we use to travel to and fro work. The air intake has to be the prime location of the entire engine, because if the heated waves don’t leave the car, anything dangerous could happen. Proper air intake system
created by 3Dwalla is certified to keep your speedster on the ground and running at incredible paces.
The dynamics of both Short Ram Intake and Cold Air Intake
Well one could opt for a short ram intake or a cold air one, depending upon the specs of the car and its requirements. A short ram intake has a shorter intake tube, which typically has the air filter in plain sight under the hood. For some applications this is fine, but for others this isn’t as efficient as a cold air intake, because a cold air intake actually has a longer air tube that literally relocates the air filter away from the engine as far as possible, sometimes into the fender, to draw in cooler air. Short Ram intakes have been known to not create as much power since they take in so much of the engine’s heat. Since the cold air intake is usually far from the engine, it can be low to the ground. This causes the air filter to sometimes suck in water if you run over puddles or live in a area that rains a lot. Due to this many cold air intakes have an available air bypass valve that solves this problem.