Architecture Model Making Services – 3Dwalla

With the help of architectural model making services, 3Dwalla produces surprising shapes and structures. In the past couple of months, 3Dwalla has had the opportunity to create complex 3D printed structures for several architect students and firms. Monik Shah, founder at 3Dwalla says he is excited but the amalgamation of design and technology doesn’t surprise him. “When I started out 2 years ago I knew that designers and architects can take advantage of technology to expand their creativity even in our country and now that it is happening largely, it is overwhelming to collaborate with them,” asserts Monik.

Printing with PolyJet or FDM is the best fit for architectural model making services as they produce high-quality, detailed models where challenging characteristics include thin walls and internal cavities. Their ease of use allows designers to produce low-cost models for all design phases. The materials offered by both the technologies bring ease in post processing and further enhances model quality. The 3D-printed model can comfortably incorporate interlocking sections which allows internal visualization using materials like ABS, polyamide, resin, nylon, sandstone, SLA, SLA, carbon fiber and TPU.

The fine feature detail available allows for scale models to be created with architectural components such as texture and railings. With PolyJet and FDM, lead times are reduced by 50 to 80 percent and costs reduced 40 to 75 percent.

Thus with 3D Printing, architect students can significantly reduce the time and expense in building models, often requiring highly delicate details. 3D printed models are also beneficial to business firms as large, complex and high budget projects can be 3D printed and used in the organization’s working. 3d models are also stronger than traditional models and won’t buckle or break over time.

Evidently, converting digital drawings into realistic 3D models enables both architect students and business firms to bring about ease in operations and we hope that the amalgamation of architectural design and 3D technology continues to be rewarding and enduring.