Kala Ghoda Arts Festival- 3d Printed Installation- 3Dwalla

We at 3Dwalla can’t express what it was to be a part of one of the most fascinating festivals in the city. Drawing huge crowds each year, The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016 continued to attract and influence people of all age groups and cultures; and to have a one to one chat directly with such enthusiastic visitors was indeed an enriching experience for us! More overwhelming was seeing the crowd’s reaction looking at our 3D printed Installation – ‘Mumbai Beyond!’

Celebrating the cultural and architectural depth of our city, we showcased a 3D printed installation that boasts of Mumbai’s landmarks. But as this city has a lot more to offer, we captured more than just its prime locations. ‘Mumbai Beyond by 3Dwalla’, as it is rightly called, is not just 3D printed art featuring Mumbai’s well known buildings in 3D models but also highlights Mumbai as a vivacious city which is beyond just pin codes. At one angle, Mumbai is a financial and commercial hub moving at unprecedented pace, while on the other, hugging oceans, old forts, conventional Iranian cafes lend grace to Mumbai. The city beats are felt within each Mumbaikar who blends himself in Mumbai characterised by diverse ethnicities, varied thinking and not to forget traffic.The installation’s charming architectural and transport models created by the use of advanced 3D printing technology exhibited an amalgam of old school charm and modernised thinking. Where some of the visitors appreciated the details of the 3D installation, others spoke of the well thought ideation. The most touching and immediate reaction was to see people clicking and then setting our installation photograph as their display picture across various social platforms! The entire team at 3Dwalla is overjoyed having celebrated the diversity of music, arts, culture, innovation and technology at the KGAF 2016.