Prints that fit (3d printed Fashion)

Our eyes sparkled with anticipation as the 3D printer was about to complete printing 3Dwalla’s first women’s outfit. 3D printing garments is one of the recent additions to 3Dwalla’s collection. Combining creativity and elegance couldn’t have been more challenging for us! Our experience of the amalgamation of 3D print technology and fashion design has been truly fascinating. From dresses to shoes, from neck pieces to bags and rings to hats, living in 3D couture is clearly extraordinary. We were awed to experience the garments rest on the skin comfortably, printed in all kinds of hues. The jackets, the tops and the skirts are actually wearable for daily life.
All of this began when a student from NIFT came to us to 3D design and print garment accessories for her third year college project. We at 3Dwalla used ABS and created circular ear cuffs, cube bangles and a flex neckpiece with the help of FDM technology.
At 3Dwalla, we’ve now learnt how technology-driven design is pushing boundaries of material and textile in the fashion landscape. As 3D printing takes the fashion industry multiple steps ahead in terms of form and function, you may now even design your own 3D printed couture and see your imagination unfold!!
And all that it takes to create your own 3D printed collection is the highly skilled team of 3D modeling at 3Dwalla, celebrating all the design freedom offered by 3D technology! So how about designing the bridesmaid theme dresses for yourself and your friends? You may have tried silk, cotton, leather and wool…now it is time to try digital fabric with us. We are elated to shape the future of fashion through technology.